Thursday, August 12, 2010

A new beginning...

I love blogs. I love new ideas. I love funny stories. I love teaching first grade. My friend Ms. Van O inspired me to jump on her band wagon and share what I'm up to in the world of six year olds and learning.

I am hoping that this blog keeps me motivated to be creative and have fun with what I am doing-- it always is if you let it!

Let me introduce myself:

Meet me - Mrs. B

I have been teaching for 4 years in the 1st grade and LOVE it. I graduated from Brigham Young University- Idaho in 2006 and got hired during my student teaching. I had a bit of a rough start as I kind of got thrown into things all on my own. I didn't replace a teacher so I had to build my classroom from scratch. It was a good thing though because it lead me to lots of fun resources that I use everyday.

The part of teaching I love most is definitely my students. I love the age and the stage of development they are in. Crazy stories and hilarious one-liners also keep me coming back each day. A close second to those adorable little guys is literacy. I love the learning process of reading. As a kid I hated it. I didn't get it at all-- I don't know if it was the teachers or how the curriculum was taught or maybe I was just a super late bloomer 20 years later. Now I find magic in it everywhere I look. The brain is so complex and there are so many different parts required to read that it is a miracle that humans can even read at all. If a child can learn to read, a child can learn to do anything.

As for my personal life, {What? A teacher has a personal life?} I am a wife, a mother, a perpetual project starter, a mormon, a wanna be domestic goddess, and love a good laugh.

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