Sunday, August 15, 2010

How time flies...

I was at my local grocery store a couple of days ago and bumped into several former students. It amazes me how a year or two, or even one summer will change a child. Two in particular were students from just a little over a year ago and one forgot my name! She called me Mrs. Pratt who was her kindergarten teacher--whoops! But she was excited to see me and she had no idea about Lil' B. (They built a new school and she went.) These kids have gotten so tall. It baffles me that in my class just 18 months ago they were 12 inches shorter and learning everything for the first time.

I look at my self and how I have changed. I didn't grow a foot or jump a grade, but 18 months ago I was trying to find the balance between my happy Mrs. B face at work and my own personal hell of infertility and beginning the adoption process. Now I am sitting on my couch blogging and watching my 7 month old dance in her jumper as she watches baby signing time. 

My summer with Lil' B has gone by so fast but it has been such a blessing to be home with her! A huge benefit of being a teacher. Now that the school year is coming I need to figure out the balance between my work life and being a mom. Any ideas??

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